Overhead Cranes

Overhead Cranes


   Bridge cranes are used for transportation and moving of cargoes outdoors and indoors. Overhead cranes have two main types of management: operations can be made from the floor, or management is carried out from the cabin. Bridge cranes share on 2 types – manual movement with the driving chain and electric movement.

   Cranes for light and average operating modes are made with one flying beam (picture from the right). If the crane operates with big loading capacity and flight, it must be made with two flying beams (picture from the left).

   Customer should specify main parameters of the overhead crane in the detailed specification. Also it is necessary to specify technological features of production, which will be served by the crane. We can offer you the following characteristics of the bridge crane:

Technical characteristics:
Loading capacity (tn) One beam Two beams1,0; 2,0; 3,2; 5,0; 10,0; 12,5; 16,0; from 50,0 t
Height of lifting (м)3.0 – 36.0 and more
Flight of the crane (м) One beam Two beams  from 3,0 to 22,5 м from 32,0 м
Operating mode: 
– FEM 9.511 
– ISQ 4301/1
– ГОСТ 25835
Speed of lifting of main/micro (m/mines) (depending from the telfer)4/1; 8/2; 12/3; 16/4;  
Speed of movement of the crane of main/micro (m/mines)12/4; 15/5; 20/6; 24/8; 32/10;
Speed of movement of a telfer of main/micro (m/mines) (depending from the telfer)12.0/4.0; 15.0/5.0; 20.0/6.0; 32.0/10.0  
Climatic modification: – standard – for low temperatures – tropicalfrom – 20C to +40C from – 40С to +40C from – 20С to +50С
Additional features :

– remote control to 100 m, IP65 

– smooth start/stop;

– loading capacity limiter;

– additional brake;

– two speeds of lifting and movement;

Non-standard modifications :

– tropical (+50C and more, humidity to 98 %);

– for transportation of melted metal;                         

– for the chemical industry;

– fireproof;

– for nuclear stations;

– explosion-proof;