Underslung Bridge Cranes

Underslung Bridge Cranes


  Bridge cranes perform various functions for production tasks. They carry out transportation of cargoes indoors and outdoors. By the form managements bridge cranes can be divided on 2 types: management from the floor or from the cabin. Brigde cranes can be made with two types of movement – electric movement and manual movement with a driving chain.

  Cranes have two types of rollers – roller with radius and a roller without radius. That is the reason why overhead crane can be installed on two-Tauris of IPN and on two-Tauris of HEB. Installation of under-crane ways can be made on a ceiling or on farms (flying beams) of the ceiling. Bridge cranes are made according to the specification of the customer where he should describe technical characteristics of the crane. Specification must consider features of future production. We can offer you following bridge crane specifications:

Technical characteristics:
Loading capacity (tons)1,0; 2,0; 3,2; 5,0; 10,0; 12,5; 16,0;
Height of lifting (m)3,0 – 36,0 and more
Flight of the crane (m)3,0 – 15,0 and more
Operating mode by: 
– FEM 9.511 
– ISQ 4301/1
– GOST (Russian) 25835
Speed of lifting main/micro (m/min)
(depends on telfer’s model)
4/1; 8/2; 12/3; 16/4;
Speed of movement main/micro (m/min)12/4; 15/5; 20/6; 32/10; 40/10;
Speed of telfer’s movement main/micro (m/min)
(depends on telfer’s model)
12,0/4,0; 15,0/5,0; 20,0/6,0; 32,0/10,0
Additional features

– remote control to 100 m, IP65 

– smooth start/stop;

– loading capacity limiter;

– additional brake;

– two speeds of lifting and movement;

Non-standard modifications :

– tropical (+50C and more, humidity to 98 %);

– for transportation of melted metal;                         

– for the chemical industry;

– fireproof;

– for nuclear stations;

– explosion-proof;